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Feature Friday: Gracie Jayne Boutique

30 Mar

“My name is Sarah and I’m a SAHM of two little girls (Emma & Sophia). I’m also going to school to get my MA in English Education. Before I had my girls, I taught alternative education high school English & French, but my dream job is to be an English Education professor. For now, though, I can’t imagine going back to work. 

My shop started out as tutus, which I began to make just as birthday gifts for my daughters and my friends’ daughters. I’ve slowly branched out from there, adding a few items any time I get the inspiration. If I don’t get good press from an item, I keep it posted, but don’t include any more. First and foremost, Gracie Jayne Boutique is a hobby and something fun to do. If it ever becomes a chore, I’ll stop selling my tutus. “

Red Tutu (12m-3T) - The "Ruby" Tutu        Pink & White Tutu w/ White Ribbons (4T-5T) - The "Ina May" Tutu

Red Tutu (12m-3T) – The “R         Pink & White Tutu w/ White

GracieJayne                                       GracieJayne
$22.00 USD                                       $27.00 USD

Pink, Teal, Orange, & Lime Green Birthday Tutu (Newborn-12m) - The "Anna" Tutu        Pink, Black & White Tutu (NB-12m) - The "Betsy" Tutu

Pink, Teal, Orange, & Lime           Pink, Black & White Tutu (N

GracieJayne                                       GracieJayne
$17.00 USD                                       $17.00 USD


What got you interested in crafting?

My mom is always in the middle of a project. These days she crochets (ThisNThatNorthport is her Etsy shop), but over the years, she’s knitted, quilted, sewn, scrapbooked – you name it. The first thing I remember making is a knitted Barbie blanket when I was probably 9 years old. I’ve usually always got a project started, but for a long time, I rarely finished anything. Now I’m busy with Gracie Jayne Boutique and there’s always more I want to do!

What has been your favorite project to make and why?

My favorite tutu is the Fancy Linda Tutu. The doula/child birth company I’d used when I was pregnant with both of my girls was doing a silent auction for Friends of Michigan Midwives, and I decided to donate some tutus. I made one to represent Emma’s birth (Jessica Tutu) and one to represent Sophia’s birth (Linda Tutu). We had Fia at home in the water and our midwife’s name is Linda. That’s why the colors are water colors. It’s funny, because Emma will rarely ask to wear my tutus, but as soon as she saw it, she wanted to put it on. I couldn’t take it off her! I didn’t want to donate it to the auction because I loved it so much, but I did. And then the person who won it wanted a different size and color, so it’s still in my house. It’ll be sad when the original Linda Tutu sells. 

What’s the secret behind your etsy name?

My shop name is my daughter’s middle names (Emma Jayne & Sophia Grace), but also my middle name (Sarah Jayne) and my best friend’s middle name (Tamara Grace). Tami and I have been friends for over 20 years now, and I love that we are ALL part of the shop. 

If you could open up a shop in your town what would you call it and what would it be like?

In my wildest dreams, I’d love to open up a coffee shop/bookstore/candy shop/record store/toy store/bakery. Yes, I would. I have no idea what I’d call it. I’d definitely have to refine my business plan. 😉 I’d love a place where people could just come in, relax, play, and eat. Or maybe I’ll just keep inviting friends and family over.

What is the most challenging thing you have made?

As of right now, not many of my items have challenged me. But I have plans to start making crowns and wings – once my daughters get even more independent.

What are some of your goals you hope to achieve within the next year?

I’d love to have my shop make a little money instead of being a hobby. I should probably stop doing giveaways. 😉 

What inspires you to be crafty?

My inspiration is definitely my girls. I look at items on Etsy and say, “I want that for my girls. I can make that!” I’ve also made a lot of items for family members and close friends. Most of my best friends have had daughters, and I always want to make them something new.

What is your best quality when it comes to your crafts?

People tell me I have an eye for bold and interesting designs. I just go with what looks good to me – and if I don’t like it, I start over. That’s probably the hardest thing about custom tutus for me. I made one once for my SIL and didn’t like it at all. I kept saying, “I’ll redo it if you want!” But she loved it!

If you could have one thing to help your store what would it be?

I’d love my own ORGANIZED craft room. That would help so much! <Deep sigh.>
If you haven’t already stopped by GracieJayne – click on the link!

To see more of what she’s up to check this out:

My FB page is www.facebook.com/GracieJayne and there’s a special discount code there just for fans (under the INFO tab). I also do regular promotions and giveaways as well. Right now I don’t really have time for Twitter or blogging – I have enough on my hands as it is. Actually, the other night my husband joked that if I were starving on a deserted island, it’d be a toss-up as to whether I’d choose Etsy and Facebook over food. 😉

Also, if you design a custom tutu, I’ll let you name it! I love naming tutus after my customers. 🙂


If you feel like shopping from GracieJayne be sure to use the coupon code: GRACIEJAYNE for 15%


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Feature Friday: PoisonedAppleCrafts

9 Mar

Feature Friday Presents:


“Hey, I’m Elizabeth, and I run Poisoned Apple Crafts! This is a unique jewelry store, as everything has a source of inspiration, and each piece tells a great story. We specialize in friendship bracelets, beaded bracelets, chain maille, and other types of jewelry!”

Summertime Swim star pendant blue necklace       Hawaiian Flowers Friendship Bracelet MADE TO ORDER

$22.00 USD                                $9.00 USD
Simple as the Ocean necklace on double ribbon       Sunrise/Sunset Themed Beaded Bracelet
$12.00 USD                                 $22.00 USD
Made to Order Film Strip Friendship Bracelet       The Favorite Statement lightweight oversized necklace
$8.25 USD                                  $20.00 USD

Sun and Clouds Chinese Crystal Beaded Friendship Bracelet      Morning Daydream Starburst Star Shaped Glass Necklace With Rose Clasp

$15.00 USD                               $24.00 USD


What got you interested in crafting?

I always did friendship bracelets on car trips to San Diego, cause it was 6 hours of nothing to do. Mom and I used to bead together, but we stopped. I picked it back up in 2010, and just couldn’t stop.

What has been your favorite project to make and why?

It truly depends project wise. I love my friendship bracelets, because of how much work I have to put into them. The Jack Sparrow bracelet:

takes around 20-25 hours of complete work time to make. I love being able to just sit down and focus on this.

Beading wise, I made a bracelet called “The Red Queen”, which recently sold: 

Absolutely loved the piece, and I’m still proud of it.

What’s the secret behind your etsy name?

I’ve always had a fascination with Grimm’s story of Snow White, and it was a nickname of mine in the past. The concept of the poisoned apple just stuck, and I found it to be something beautiful. It’s definitely unique, and catches everyone’s attention.

If you could open up a shop in your town what would you call it and what would it be like?

I’d call it Poisoned Apple Jewelers. I’ve done mostly jewelry thus far and that’d be my specialty. Scarves and possibly hats are to come soon.

What is the most challenging thing you have made?

Starting any friendship bracelet pattern is very challenging for me, but the most difficult one I’ve been working on is a Nyan Cat bracelet. SO MANY COLORS! I’m also starting one of the Sailor Moon icon, because it was a huge part of my childhood.
What are some of your goals you hope to achieve within the next year?

1) To get up to 200 Facebook fans. I know when I hit 100 I’m having a giveaway, so stay tuned for that one 🙂
2) To rely more on this as my job rather than making Starbucks. As much as I love working as a Barista, I’d love my passion to be the main focus on my life.
3) I’ll be finishing my associates, so I’m hoping to save up some cash and expand into more in-person retail. I’d love to do house parties (like Cookie Lee or all those candle companies do) or find a spot in the mall to rent out. It’d be a dream come true.

What inspires you to be crafty?

Music and visual arts are some of my biggest inspirations. One of my favorite necklaces was inspired by the movie “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”. it’s absolutely fun, just doing ordinary stuff like listening to your iPod, and you’ll think “That’s a great concept for a new piece! I have to do it!”

What is your best quality when it comes to your crafts?

Customer Service and keeping my customers informed. If you’re sick and can’t work on their piece, you have to tell them. I feel like letting them know the truth is so much better than taking so long and not keeping them updated about what’s going on.
Another thing that’s my strong point is that I take pride in making every single piece that I do. It’s not often that I find someone spending 20 hours on making a single bracelet. People have asked why I do this and tell me I’m crazy, but that’s my craft. That’s what I take pride in.

If you could have one thing to help your store what would it be?

Better advertising/word of mouth. My website, Facebook, Twitter, and business cards don’t seem to be enough to always attract people in. I’m talking with people about doing craft fairs and things of that sort, and just trying to get more exposure. It’s the one difficult thing to do as a one-person shop.

The item up for giveaway is here:

Want to win this gorgeous necklace? Here’s how!

1 point for commenting on the blog post
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5 points for buying something from her shop!
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Thanks for stopping by! If you haven’t already visited PoisonedAppleCrafts – click on the link!

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Funky Chunkies!

29 Feb

Today’s product review comes from a shop called FunkyChunkies! From Phoenix Arizona this shop has created a new fashionable way to upcycle bangles! I bought a set from her for a friend for Christmas and I have already decided what I want to buy next for me! These bangles are durable and sure to fit your style since she can make a custom design just for you! Check out what I ordered:

Her description was spot on! These things are durable – so much so that you can tell she took the time to make them last. Even though they are upcycled with paper products it feels like plastic and since I’m a klutz I wasn’t worried about dropping them and messing them up!


What inspired you to start selling these on etsy?

My bangles started out as something I made for myself but after being asked a number of times where I purchased my bracelet I decided to open a shop that I could send people to. So being that I’m an events coordinator that specializes in weddings, Etsy has been a go to place for a number of years now. So when I was thinking of a place to sell my Chunkies Etsy seemed the best match.

How long have you been making bangles?

About 4 years now. I saw the instructions in a magazine and just had to have one. I fell in love with them, and every piece of paper I found I had to have that design in a bracelet, and so did my friends.

What do you think your store offers that others might not?

If I had to choose I guess it would be that I’m able to make these in any size and the fact that they can be customized and/or personalized.

She’s been open since January 3, 2010 and has had over 300 sales and has 100% feedback rate!

Here’s a few of her reviews:

Feb 17, 2012 – Love my purple chunkie!! These bracelets are real conversation pieces and so fun to wear!!

Feb 14, 2012 – I can’t wait to give these to my daughter! They are so stinking cute! Wonderful shop I am for sure going to be a repeat customer again and again!

Feb 9, 2012 – I absolutely love my custom Funky! I swear its the cutest thing I have gotten in a long time. Most certainly beats even my highest expectations. Seller is very easy to work with, and is dedicated to what she does and making sure what you order is the best it can be. Thank you again!

Jan 27, 2012 – This was a fantastic buying experience for me. Fantastic fantastic seller, wonderful product. Exceeded my expectations! It even came beautifully wrapped! This is a gift for my granddaughter’s best friend–any girl who’s a Justin Beiber fan needs these bracelets! You won’t be disappointed!! Thanks so much Leanna! I’ll definitely be back. I’ll send more pics when Dima opens it! 🙂

Jan 11, 2012 – Such a beautiful creation. packaged so delicately ! Amazing seller, great communication. Lovely items! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

And the final review says it is:


Thanks for stopping by!

Love Always,


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What’s ahead?

26 Feb

I’ve got great news! We have loads of new products that have been reviewed and are getting prepped and ready for the big debut on the blog! Keep your eyes peeled for some awesome handmade products that you aren’t going to want to miss! So while you are waiting we’ll show you a list of shops that I can’t resist 😀

Eye Shadow  Shimmering Season of Green 5 grams         Hand Painted Compote Dessert or small Juice Glasses

$5.00 USD                                       $45.00 USD

Apples Polka Dots Pincushion Pinnie Large 5" Size        Handpainted Beatles inspired "Let it Be" Necklace, SALE on 20" silver chain, with natural gemstone charms, teal, red, yellow

detailsbydes                                     JesseAnneDesigns
$15.00 USD                                     $28.00 USD

Quilted Clutch with Vintage Button Red Yellow & Black Floral        Ella Mary Janes

Quilted Clutch with Vintage B       Ella Mary Janes

LilyStitches                                      ShwimmyKids
$15.00 USD                                     $33.00 USD

SALE - Airplane Baby Name Sign (5 Letters) - Custom Hand Painted Wood Letters with Planes Theme        Starburst Recycled Candy Wrapper Bracelet - Great Stocking Stuffer

SALE – Airplane Baby Name         Starburst Recycled Candy

SarasHandmades                             justByou
$65.00 USD                                      $8.00 USD

Girl Dress - Gray Polka Dot Pink Dress - Harlow - Matches our other items         Baby Owl Hat - Made to Order

Girl Dress – Gray Polka Do             Baby Owl Hat – Made to Order

Appleandivy                                      justHOOKing
$38.00 USD                                      $20.00 USD

LOIS Pregnancy Necklace- Sterling Silver - Rose Quartz, Amethyst and hot pink Chalcedony         Black and White Damask  business card holder 14% off Coupon Code: HEART

LOIS Pregnancy Neckl                   Black and White Damask busi

artsychicas                                        ItsyBitsyBriggsy
$42.00 USD                                      $7.99 USD

Extra Large Sweet and Simple Green Polka Dot Pinwheel Hairbow Perfect for St. Patrick's Day         15 Feet Pink Waxed Cotton Cord for Jewelry Making Macrame and Hemp Style Jewelry.  Shipped from the USA.

Extra Large Sweet and Simpl         15 Feet Pink Waxed Cotton 

SaraOlsenDesigns                             yourday
$3.49 USD                                         $1.29 USD

4 Small Flower Gift Boxes         Dog Treats No Wheat/Gluten Mini's--Sweet Potato Carrot Apple-Perfect For Poodle, Shih Tzu, Terrier--3 dozen

4 Small Flower Gift Boxes              Dog Treats No Wheat/Gluten

caitcait88                                          TrueTreatsPetBakery
$7.00 USD                                        $6.50 USD

Which one is your favorite?